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People who have been mining bitcoin for some time and are making money will likely agree that they don’t keep the miners in their homes. The only method for creating cryptocurrency based on computers solving mathematical problems is mining, which produces bitcoins.

The core of this process is that computers positioned all over the world work together to solve mathematical problems that lead to the creation of bitcoins. Miners emit heat and noise that can make your life difficult while also decreasing their productivity.

The main advantage of using a host is convenience. While you relax and reap the rewards, hosts do most of the labour-intensive tasks. Mining is not a risk-free endeavour, just like anything else in the blockchain sector; therefore, you should be ready for potential losses of a partial or entire investment.

A farm of ASICs or video cards is housed in a mining hosting facility (cryptocurrency miner). The owner of the equipment is responsible for paying the rent for the available space as well as the cost of the electricity. Data centers offer hosting services to cryptocurrency miners so that clients can store their mining equipment and generate revenue without having to create the necessary infrastructure.

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Let’s look at various bitcoin mining hosting sites.



Frontier’s co-location and bitcoin-sourcing services help protect your money. They have 25 years of experience with IT infrastructure and offer hosting services across North America. Their years of experience help offer outstanding value at a cost that guarantees profitability. The team uses the most up-to-date large-scale mining infrastructure and works closely with regional authorities to ensure that your miners are operational.


Minery now hosts over 15,000 mining servers for customers from over ten countries. The hosting site built a scalable hosting architecture on top of actual structures, locations, and enterprise management software to easily manage tens of thousands of servers. The greatest site for their activities was Siberia, where mining IT professionals relocated their facilities. At every level of the hosting procedure, they applied the best data center administration methods. Minery facilities utilize high-press hydro-power stations. The site combines on-site and cloud resources to provide the appropriate level of redundancy for all crucial components.


For more than six years, the American mining company MiningStore has been mining cryptocurrencies. They convert energy into profit by offering reliable Bitcoin mining services and utilizing cost-effective renewable energy sources. Whether you’re a beginner setting up your first bitcoin mining operation or an experienced pro looking to scale up your hashrate, the hosting and mining services provided by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of MiningStore will help you achieve your objectives.

Compass Mining

Compass’ goal is to encourage more people to learn about, experiment with, and mine bitcoin to increase network security and support the decentralized rise of hashrate. This bitcoin company modernizes bitcoin hosting and provides a satisfying hosting experience by automating unnecessary annoyances. The hosting site provides its customers with guidance in mining, fee payments, etc., after purchasing their products. The site has a blog section where you can learn about various past and current bitcoin topics.

Computer North

Computer North is the world’s largest Bitcoin miner. It recently raised its hosting rates to 10 cents per kilowatt hour. Initially, the price had risen by 20%-25% due to the global rise in energy prices. Computer North runs a hosting and mining operation using 22.5 exahash/second (EH/s) of computing power from its own and third parties in data centers throughout the United States. Given the sharp rise in natural gas and power prices in the US, providing cheap hosting has become nearly impossible.

Ez Blockchain

At EZ Blockchain, they collaborate with suppliers of renewable energy to offer them a solution for their wasted energy. This energy is used in crypto mining. The hosting site uses locking gates, motion detectors, 24/7 recorded video surveillance, network security, and remote monitoring to protect your hardware. Additionally, it makes sure your gadget is cooled to avoid slowing down. Ez Blockchain can effectively handle your hardware sourcing requirements and simplifies the equipment purchase process.

Host Aid

Host Aid began using technology in the Canadian province of Newfoundland in 2013 before moving its operations to Quebec in 2016. They specialize in hosting computer gear with a high density that needs a lot of access to cooling and power. The hosting provider offers the most productive bitcoin mining equipment on the market. To avoid warranty concerns and delays, they ship directly from Canada and only utilize their used gear to assess each machine’s dependability. Warranty is still available for new devices bought.

Advanced Mining

With unprecedented access to clean, affordable power, this mining hosting site runs some of the biggest and most effective mining facilities in the whole globe. Their cutting-edge data centers are situated in the United States and Canada, and at full capacity, they can expand to over 200 MW of power. It will rank among the largest data mining centers in the world if everything goes according to plan. AM has provided blockchain hosting services to thousands of customers since its 2018 inception.

DC two

With an emphasis on renewable energy, DC Two has created a special Modular Datacenter hosting solution for bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners by leveraging data center and administration skills. Their cutting-edge modular data centers are positioned at the energy production source, giving access to a competitive, affordable, renewable electricity supply and expert and automated hosting services that are now available for the first time in Australia.


All of Bitkern’s hosting packages cover rack space, direct support, minor troubleshooting work, firmware updates, and on-site experts for the upkeep of the infrastructure, including the energy supply, cooling technology, and IT network. Depending on the location, the hosting site uses movable container solutions. These offer the finest foundation for air exchange, resulting in the best possible ventilation and cooling of high-performance computers due to their tiny volume.


Choose one of the bitcoin hosting mining sites if you don’t like working at home or in the office while being distracted by the noise of ASIC systems. If you don’t have enough room or the means to keep the area cool throughout the day or have other issues with hosting a mining platform, a miner hosting site will help immensely regulate the problem. Since you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, you won’t regret your choice. Furthermore, you won’t even need to set up or maintain it.

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