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3 Easy Methods to Beating Your Hangover

3 Ways To Beat A Hangover

Hangover IV therapy Phoenix ArizonaWhether it’s happy hour on a work night or a weekend out on the town, the morning after simply isn’t so fun. Of course, the older you get, the longer you hang around in that hangover, too. Without a little help, just getting up and adulting seems almost impossible.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic insta-cure for hangovers. We are still waiting on the genius to invent that gem, but before you call in sick to work or spend your day off in misery, you might want to try one of these hangover mitigation moves to ease your symptoms.

Three Tricks To Tame A Hangover

All three options are all natural. Try them separately or together. The goal is to mitigate the effects of alcohol that are causing your hangover symptoms, including stomach irritation, inflammation, expanded blood vessels, fatigue, hypoglycemia, and dehydration. Let’s look at the three ways to nix your hangover:

1. Get a Hangover IV Drip

www.DRIPAZ.com Logo Mobile IV Therapy in Phoenix AZNutrition drips are becoming increasingly popular. These offer a variety of nutrition and hydration therapies specifically geared to whatever the client is lacking – energy, focus, hydration, detox, recovery, immunity, and so forth. Drip AZ, for example, has a Hangover IV therapy that’s specifically loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients to combat illness, jet lag, dehydration, and hangovers. Likewise, Drip AZ’s mobile IV therapy helps naturally boost energy as it flushes harmful toxins from your body just like their DIY hangover kit list.Why IV therapy verses oral? Oral works, but the issue is that your body absorbs oral supplementation with more difficulty and slower, meaning your hangover symptoms lag around longer. IV supplements are bioactive and bioavailable, meaning they work faster to get you feeling better.

2. Hydrate With Coconut H2O

Coconut  water for hangoversGrab a small bite to eat that’s low on the glycemic index to help reset your blood sugar. Eat it with a big glass of coconut water. The sugary, isotonic nature of most sports drinks can be counterproductive to a hangover.

Coconut water has all the same helpful electrolytes, such as potassium sodium, and magnesium, but its sugar content is natural. It’s a great way to get rehydrated and start urinating out all that excess alcohol without further dehydrating yourself or further unbalancing your electrolytes.

Bring a thermos of coconut water with you to the steam room. If you’re not a fan of the taste, then squeeze a lemon into your coconut water. The alkalinity of the lemon will also help replace your body’s pH to help with hangover symptoms like headaches and digestive upset.

3. Get Your Sweat OnSo, no one feels like exercising at the gym the day after boozing. However, there is something at your gym that can help you get your sweat on without all the work. Jump in the sauna or steam room.

Since your liver can only metabolize an ounce of alcohol per hour, over-drinking means that it can still be metabolizing alcohol hours after drinking. Sweating gives your body a way to get the excess alcohol out faster. However, you don’t want to further dehydrate yourself, which means you need to replace those lost tainted fluids with new healthy fluids.