Best Sites To Find Healthcare Jobs


Best Sites To Find Healthcare Jobs

Many people believe that to find a good healthcare job all you have to do is apply for one on the Internet and it will magically come to you. But, in reality, it just is not that easy.

One major problem for job searchers is separating the good job sites from the poor ones. The number of job sites out there can seem endless, making it difficult to know where to search.

With such a low unemployment rate, these are challenging times for both recruiters and human resource personnel. They have to figure out which job sites lead them to the best job candidates, and this means that not every company will be using the same job site, or the ones that you commonly use.

What Are the Best Healthcare Job Sites?

The following websites are considered among the best healthcare job sites:

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Glassdoor
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. Monster
  6. Google for Jobs
  7. SimplyHired

Why You Should Not Rely Just on Job Sites

Recently, a company called SilkRoad completed a survey of 1,000 companies while trying to determine which job sites performed the best for them. The survey found that, on average, companies received nearly 130 applications through these job sites for every candidate that they hired. On the other hand, when hiring candidates through internal job sites, employee referrals and recruiter outreach, it took only 8 applicants for every candidate hired.

What this means is that people should not rely only on job sites in order to find a good job, as candidates with personal connections to a particular company are far more likely to get the job. It behooves those looking for jobs to make personal connections. They should spend time networking, not only meeting people in the healthcare industry but also getting back into contact with their previous colleagues. It is these people who often can tell you about the newest and best jobs available. They may even be able to help you get them.

Overviews of the Best Healthcare Job Sites

Here are overviews of the best healthcare jobs sites:

1. Indeed

On this site, you will discover just about any type of job you are looking for based on your level of experience. Indeed further offers an excellent mobile app, which allows you to search for jobs on your phone or tablet.

2. LinkedIn

While you probably know that LinkedIn is a popular social networking site, what you might not know is that is also offers job listings. To find them, just click on the Jobs tab and then provide keywords relating to the job you want along with the geographical location you are interested in. You can further filter the results by experience level and by the date the job was posted. You can even limit the results to companies in which you have personal connections with people who work there.

3. Glassdoor

While Glassdoor is known for providing revealing reviews of companies from its employees, they also have job listings. What is great about this site is that you can read reviews of a company before you apply to it.

4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder has long been known as one of the best job sites on the Internet. You can find jobs there for all levels of experience.

5. Monster

Like CareerBuilder, Monster has long been known as a good place to find a variety of jobs for any level of experience.

6. Google for Jobs

As the name indicates, Google for Jobs is a site created by the world’s leading search engine. While it itself does not provide job listings, it compiles lists of relevant jobs from both company sites and job search sites, and it places these listings in your web searches. Not only will this site save you a lot of time, but it also may lead you to job postings that you would have never found otherwise.

You can filter results based on the following criteria:

  • Job type
  • Job location
  • Company type
  • The date the job was posted

7. Other General Job Sites

There are many other good general job sites. This includes LinkUp, which extracts job postings directly from company websites. SimplyHired does the same thing plus it extracts jobs from job sites and social media while directing you to the original job posting.

ZipRecruiter is another good job site. It matches job candidates with job postings from over 100 different job sites using an advanced algorithm. You can find good jobs at Craigslist as well.

7. Specialty Job Sites

Some job sites specialize in certain segments of the job market. These segments can include geographical locations, industries or occupations. These sites will help you find job postings tailored to your exact needs. They include:

  • Dice: technical jobs
  • eFinancialCareers: financial jobs
  • jobs at colleges and universities
  • Idealist: nonprofit jobs
  • U.S. government jobs

8. Company Websites

You can be almost certain that any company looking for employees will list these positions not only at job sites but also on their own website. If there are any companies that you are particularly interested in, you should visit their sites directly. Some will even let you create alerts. This will allow you to receive email when a job that would interest you comes open. If they have no alert feature, you should bookmark the company’s career page and visit it as often as possible.

Also, do not forget to follow any companies you are interested in on social media, as they will often post new jobs there as well.