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Best Local Citation Audit, Building and Citation Cleanup Service Providers

Local Citation Building Providers

If you want your local business to be visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, building citations is essential. A business citation is made up of several elements, but the most important ones are the business name, address and phone number. These are known as the “NAP details” in SEO terms.

Obtaining citations on other websites is often seen as a complicated process, especially for business owners that lack search engine optimization experience. There are a variety of service providers that can help businesses obtain a large amount of citations from reputable sources and improve their standing on search engines in general. If you’re looking for a company that can help you build citations, here are the top players in the industry:

#1 Best Citation Audit and Citation Cleanup Service

WordLeadRated Top Citation Cleanup Services

WordLead Citation Cleanup Service
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WordLead is a provider that has been active in the digital marketing and SEO industries since 1999. They provide high-quality, 100 percent manual local citation building services that can help your business stand out from the rest of the crowd. Their local citation building services are so good that many SEO resellers, web design firms and digital marketing agencies outsource their citation building efforts to them. Submit Shop offers full citation building, citation management services, local citation cleanup and regular online presence audits.


Other Top Local Citation Builders


White Spark

White Spark has been offering local SEO services, including citation building, for more than twenty years. They serve businesses all over the US and Canada. Local businesses in a variety of industries can benefit from their expertise and powerful SEO services. Their team of SEO experts has built in-house software that greatly simplifies the citation building process and allows White Spark to provide detailed reports of the work they do to their clients.

Gotch SEO

Founded by Nathan Gotch, Gotch SEO is a company that has a solid reputation as being one of the leading suppliers of link building services. They serve businesses of different sizes, entrepreneurs, as well as marketers based in North America. Their link building services include citation building for local businesses. Gotch SEO has been featured in numerous industry publications, including Search Engine Journal, AHREFS, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Business.com.


Since 2012, FatJoe has been providing quality SEO services, including citation building to businesses in various countries. They’re also known for the quality of their content marketing services. Currently, FatJoe provides citation building for businesses in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Local Citation UK

Local Citation UK is a SEO company specializing in local citation building that has been around since 2013. While they primarily serve clients in the UK, they also provide their services to businesses in other countries, including the US, Australia and Canada. Local Citation UK uses a comprehensive database that includes thousands of high-quality citation sources for local businesses. This enables them to build large amounts of citations for businesses in all industries very quickly. Many businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and service providers like plumbers and yard care companies report being very satisfied with their local SEO services.

Bright Local

Bright Local is a citation provider established in 2009. The company was started by Ed Eliot and Myles Anderson, two known SEO experts. Their goal is to help your business grow by building a solid presence on search engines like Google and Bing. In addition to building citations, they also offer in-depth citation audits, identifying opportunities for potential citations, as well as monitoring of business reviews across various platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Megrisoft Limited

Megrisoft is a company based in London that has been offering digital marketing, web design and SEO services since 2004. They specialize in building local citations for customers in the UK and Ireland. To make their citation building service more effective, they use a database containing over 1,000 UK directories that they can submit your business information to.

Local Citation Services

Local Citation Services offers top quality 100 percent manual citation building services. Their team of local search marketing experts also provides various other services, such as social media marketing, link building and niche directory creation. They have a full database of local citation sources that is always kept updated. Local Citation Services has experience building solid business citations for companies based in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. With their services, you can boost your website traffic and search engine positions faster than ever before.

Citation Building Service

Citation Building Service is a professional SEO agency located in New York City. One of their main services is premium quality local citation building for businesses in the US and Canada. They can help ensure that your business appears in all relevant local directories, which will help grow your position in search results.

The Hoth

The Hoth is a SEO agency providing a “Hoth Local” product that is designed to meet the needs of small businesses from all over the world. They began their operations back in 2010 and now run full-service local SEO campaigns. Their citation building service includes a full citation audit, citation building, social citations and media citations.